We’re about 35 runners passionate about trail and off road, We’re lucky to have so many¬†routes leaving from Bramley in all different directions and terrain.

On the whole we tend to run north of Bramley. A great way to get straight onto the trails is to leave Clift Meadow, past the Doctor’s and into the Frith. From here you can head west towards Pamber Forest, or north towards Three Ashes and Silchester. With each mile away, more and more options open up.

Running east out of the village takes you onto the Brenda Parker Way offering fantastic trails on an overall 60 mile route.

We run around the walls of Silchester, both the outside and inside (harder trail). We run along Devil’s Highway, and we’ve found we know the names of most of the farms in the area now, as a lot of the trails go through them. There are usually two runs on any given night, one of around 6Km, another about 10Km. We run together until the cut-off point so you choose if you want to head back on the return loop, or carry on and push out a bit further.